Infrared Laboratories is a leader in infrared imaging and detection, offering products and services through our parent and US subsidiary companies to over 350 customers in 34 countries. We started over 45 years ago with cryostats and bolometers used in the early days of infrared astronomy. We extended our expertise to develop the first Infrared Emission Microscope (IREM) for use in semiconductor failure analysis. Our TriWave Ge-enhanced CMOS camera brings affordable pricing to a variety of SWIR imaging applications. With our product line and in-depth experience, we are equipped to design, deliver, and support leading edge infrared detection, imaging, and measurement solutions for our worldwide customers. 


IREMs for Semiconductor FA/Debug
Turnkey IREM-SIL Systems for semiconductor failure analysis, fault isolation, and debugging. More..
  IR Instruments for Research
Dewars, bolometers, cryogenic systems, and IR cameras for terahertz research, astronomy, and university labs. More...
  Custom ROIC Design for OEMs
Custom readout integrated circuit designs for astronomy, defense, medical, and commercial applications.
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